“Fully articulating high-quality custom finger prostheses.”

Naked Prosthetics


Wed, Aug 1st, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

While prosthetics are nothing new, these ones by Naked Prosthetics look remarkably simple yet incredibly effective, showing that even minute task requiring dexterity associated with a fully functioning hand can be performed with them.

Naked Prosthetics designs and manufactures high-quality prosthetic devices specifically for finger loss. Our mission is to assist people with digit amputation(s) and positively impact their lives with fully articulating high-quality custom finger prostheses. Our product aims to restore the ability to perform most tasks, supporting job retention and an active lifestyle. Our customers have lost fingers to power tools, equipment malfunctions, injury in the line of military service, random accidents, and infections; in some cases, multiple digits have been lost. Historically, finger prosthetics have been considered a second tier of prosthetics due to the lack of meaningful functionality. NP now provides a viable functional prosthesis, versus a passive cosmetic solution. Our design mimics finger motion and utilizes the remainder of an amputee’s digit to power the device.



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