“The mere presence of a smartphone within glancing distance can significantly reduce your cognitive capacity.”

We have reached peak screen


Sat, Jun 30th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In the New York Times, Farhad Manjoo calls smartphones vampires designed to capture your attention for as long as possible with detrimental side-effects. But the very companies that made smartphones so irresistible may also be working on making them less addictive.

There are two ways we may break our fevered addiction to screens.

First, we will need to try to use our phones more mindfully, which requires a combination of willpower and technology.

Help is on the way. For the last week, I’ve been using Screen Time, one of the new features in Apple’s next version of its mobile operating system. The software gives you valuable information about how much you are using your phone, and it can even block you from using apps that you deem unhealthy. I found Screen Time very well designed, and I suspect it will profoundly change how we use our phones.



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