I Broke Google Fonts

All in the name of ad-blocking


Mon, May 28th, 2018 22:01 by capnasty NEWS

Sometime during the weekend I noticed that if I visited this website locally, the fonts came out weird. As soon as I connected through an alternate network that did not use my infrastructure and filtering, the site worked out fine. What happened?

Looks like fonts.googleapis.com now points to googleadapis.l.google.com. You'll notice the letters "ad" in there. As I create DNS blacklists based off yoyo.org, a handy service that provides a list of hostnames to block to have an ad-free experience on the internet, Google's fonts were pointing to a dark black hole, so nothing loaded.

What to do? Give up the nice filtering I have in order to see a pretty font or just host a similar font locally? So I hit Fonts For Web, found a font I liked and with their handy sample was up and running in no time with a look similar to the previous one.

It's not perfect and it also means that any website using Google Fonts will look pretty weird on my end but, eh, that'll do pig.



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