“Cambridge Analytica is not the problem.”

The problem with algorithms


Tue, Mar 27th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

On The Globe and Mail Doug Saunders argues that the real threat to democracy is not from propaganda services like Cambridge Analytica, but from the way information is being consumed and delivered to users. Reportedly polls are showing that Facebook is dropping in popularity, but for how long? The Guardian doesn't want this opportunity to go to waste and calling for regulation. But the reality is that nothing will happen.

Every one of their answers included a version of the same set of sentences. “We’re losing touch with a huge number of voters who are getting all their news and information from posts and videos. We just can’t reach those people any more. They’re abandoning normal politics.”

They all pointed to the same pattern: In towns and smaller cities, newspapers and local TV stations are disappearing. Yet voters in those places have big, complicated questions about a fast-changing world – and the only answers available to many are coming from those posts and videos and anecdotal news clips sent to their inboxes and apps by friends and strangers or appearing when they enter hot-button search terms.



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