“Contains all the same components as cow’s milk, [...] but doesn’t use any animals in its production process.”

Milk without the cows


Mon, Mar 5th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Cellular agriculture company Perfect Day has reportedly raised funds to commercialise animal-free dairy ingredients that taste like the real thing but require no animals to produce. The products, which are ideal for vegans, are reported to have a significantly smaller impact on the environment. Reportedly the goal is to compliment the dairy industry, not replace it.

To make animal-free milk, the company feeds sugars to a common dairy yeast that is optimized to produce real milk proteins, including casein, the main protein in cheese. It’s very similar to processes already used commercially in the manufacture of medicines, vaccines, and some food products like rennet. Next, they add in other plant-based fats, vitamins, minerals, and sugars. The final product is supposed to be functionally and nutritionally similar to milk, but it is lactose-, antibiotic-, and growth hormone-free.

Since launching in 2014, Muufri has raised $4 million, primarily from Hong Kong-based Horizon Ventures, and has quietly gone about its work. It has made many prototypes and samples and is now focused on scaling up and releasing a product by the end of next year. This week, it changed its name to Perfect Day and launched a new website. The new name relates to a scientific discovery that dairy cows produce more milk when they hear calming music, particularly Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” The cofounders related to the sentiment.



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