“Sharper forms of the problems with which we are already grappling.”

The future we are scared of is already here


Sun, Feb 25th, 2018 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Albeit some argue that AI aren't the danger, it's how people use them that will be the problem (sounds familiar), Kenan Malik of The Guardian believes that human panic may be the trigger in creating that dystopian technological future we dread.

The new report is different. It looks at technologies that are already available, or will be in the next five years, and identifies three kinds of threats: “digital” (sophisticated forms of phishing or hacking); “physical” (the repurposing of drones or robots for harmful ends); and “political” (new forms of surveillance or the use of fake videos to “manipulate public opinion on previously unimaginable scales”).

What we are faced with, this list suggests, is not an existential threat to humanity but sharper forms of the problems with which we are already grappling. AI should be seen not in terms of super-intelligent machines but as clever bits of software that, depending on the humans wielding them, can be used either for good or ill.



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