“There is nothing natural about farming.”

Vertical farming is taking off


Tue, Oct 31st, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

VPro Documentaries has this video on the rise of vertical farming, a way to produce sufficient food for a growing global population while removing some of the needs associated with the current way agriculture works.

The American company Aerofarms is currently the largest vertical farm in the world. In a former steel factory, looking industrial and raw from outside, and being high tech indoors, the company produces lettuce and vegetable for around 25,000 people in the neighborhood. Aerofarms is putting on this kind of vertical farms in several locations worldwide. Always in the city up to 1.5 kilometers away from a large supermarket or distribution center.

But Aerofarm is not the only one. In cities where it is difficult to supply enough fresh food, local entrepreneurs sniff the opportunities and start city-building initiatives. Sometimes small-scale as a social project, sometimes large-scale and necessary, as in Sweden and Singapore. In the Netherlands this need is smaller. Westland is already being cultivated in a very intensive way. On a relatively small piece of land, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are produced for the whole world.



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