“The realization of a Godhead based on artificial intelligence.”

Way of the Future


Tue, Oct 3rd, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Guardian reports that Anthony Levandowski — better known for being at the centre of a legal battle between Uber and Google — has started a nonprofit religious corporation called Way of the Future. His goal, to create God using artificial intelligence and to better society by worshipping it.

“God, if it exists as the most powerful of all singularities, has certainly already become pure organized intelligence,” he said, referring to an intelligence that “spans the universe through subatomic manipulation of physics”.

“And perhaps, there are other forms of intelligence more complicated than that which already exist and which already permeate our entire existence. Talk about ghost in the machine,” he added.

For Istvan, an AI-based God is likely to be more rational and more attractive than current concepts (“the Bible is a sadistic book”) and, he added, “this God will actually exist and hopefully will do things for us.”



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