“Instead of consuming fossil fuels, it would then feed surplus electricity into the grid.”

Electric truck produces more energy going downhill than it needs to go back up


Sat, Sep 16th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Phys reports that a consortium of Swiss companies, led by Ciments Vigier SA, are converting a gigantic diesel-powered Komatsu dump truck into an electric vehicle. The goal is to have the descent of the vehicle produce the energy needed to send it back up the hill, with plenty to spare.

Never before has a vehicle of this performance class been constructed to conquer slopes of up to 13 percent inclination under the harshest of environmental conditions while straining the batteries with electrical currents of up to 3,000 amperes, but also charging them by 40 kWh during a single descent and traveling as an energy plus vehicle on balance (plus 10 kWh of energy per roundtrip). If the use of the new vehicle proves successful, Ciments Vigier SA could power up to eight vehicles purely electrically in the long run. For Kuhn Schweiz AG this opens up new fields for large-scale construction machines, such as in tunnel construction or in residential areas that are sensitive to exhaust gas and noise.



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