The World's First All-Electric, All-Wheel Drive Sport Utility Truck

Bollinger Motor's B1


Mon, Jul 31st, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Mashable brings to attention the B1 by Bollinger Motors, a no-frills all electric all-wheel drive sports utility truck. The vehicle, which sports a very spartan interior and has a body shape reminiscent of the 1948 Land Lover Defender, has a respectable range of 320km per charge. No word yet on pricing.

"Bollinger unveiled the B1 the night before Tesla is slated to roll out its first Model 3 sedans to customers in a livestream event, but that wasn't an intentional move to undercut Elon Musk's triumphant moment. Bollinger doesn't think of Tesla as competition — even though Musk has teased a Tesla pickup as recently as April — it's just another company making progress in the EV space.

Bollinger spokesman Jeff Holland said as much in an email to Mashable. "We certainly applaud the efforts of forward-thinking companies like Tesla, however we believe there is a need and a desire in the marketplace right now for a multi-purpose all-electric sport utility truck like our Bollinger B1. In fact, we think the B1 would fit nicely in the garage next to the new Tesla Model 3 sedan."



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