"Not because people are environmentally conscious, but simply because it will make more economic sense."

Solar to become ridiculously cheap in three years


Fri, Jul 7th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

With France planning to ban all petrol vehicles by 2040, the CEO of Europe's biggest solar company argues that we are just one cheap battery away from phasing out fossil fuels. Reportedly, at the speed technological improvements are taking place, solar storage is scheduled to render traditional energy obsolete on cost alone three years from now.

The study, published in February in Energy Policy, looks at how in less than a decade, 23 percent of homes in Perth have acquired rooftop solar—largely without government support. Rooftop solar, the authors observe, has become "Perth's largest power station."

The next stage in this process will come when these solar households start buying lithium-ion battery systems. The combined price of solar storage, say Green and Newman, could guide us toward grid parity—equal to or less than the price of purchasing electricity from the national grid. When this happens, solar storage "will flood the market, increasing supply and creating a lower market price for electricity," Mayor said.



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