"The world has lost its last shot at staving off dangerous global warming."

Enjoy the good weather while it lasts


Mon, Jun 26th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Robinson Meyer of The Atlantic interviews Princeton professor Michael Oppenheimer, who laments the consequence of Trump's decision to abandon the Paris Agreement. Oppenheimer, who also works for the United Nations, notes that now the world has blown the last chance it had in "staving off dangerous global warming."

The reality is the clock has been ticking all this time, all those 35 years the clock has been ticking. And because the clock has been ticking, Earth is already a degree warmer than it would otherwise have been. We don’t have much time to avoid the two degrees of warming that would destabilize ice sheets, entail extreme heatwaves, and potentially undermine food security. And this decision is just enough to push us over the edge, in my view. I think it’s totally unrealistic now to believe that we are going to meet that objective.

So in a personal way, for someone who has worked on the issue for decades, this more so than any other setback seems to indicate that it’s highly unlikely that we can make the two-degree goal. The Trump action pushed us over the edge, and basically Trump owns the responsibility now for this problem.

If you have a bit of time, you should read this essay by Silvio Lorusso, We the Doers. Albeit lengthy and philosophical sounding, it offers enlightening on the idea of a boring dystopia we are already living in.

Then, I received a picture of a glossy H&M purse, made in China, with a print, in pseudo-Supreme style, saying "So Much Work, So Little Time". At that moment I could finally instinctively grasp what Mark Fisher meant by boring dystopia, a dystopia that doesn’t provoke any consternation, that has become the new normal. A dystopia that is unrecognizable because it’s like water for the fish.



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