"They don't want to believe that their own intelligence is deterministic."

We are genetically predisposed to be mediocre


Sun, Jun 25th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In this article, grey enlightenment explains how high-IQs will play an important role for anyone to survive the "post-2008 hyper-efficient, hyper-competitive economy," now that low paying jobs are disappearing and good paying jobs are getting scarce. Unfortunately, most of us are genetically predisposed to be mediocre, meaning that those with a high-IQs will go to the top.

As Tyler Cowen famously said, Average is Over, meaning that to excel in America’s hyper-competitive post-2008 economy, one can’t be ‘good enough’; you must stand out among hundreds, if not thousands, of over-qualified applicants vying for a shrinking pool of high-status positions.

In today’s economy, in which ‘capital’ has completely crushed ‘labor’, it seems like it’s only the exceptionally intelligent, particularly in STEM, who are getting ahead, with high-IQ people making fortunes, seemingly overnight, in Bitcoin, the stock market, or private tech/app companies such Uber (now valued at $60 billion) or Whats App (acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $18 billion at a cost of $150 million/employee) as everyone else sits on the sidelines, just scraping by and encumbered with tons of student debt that their low-paying, low-status job barely makes a dent in.



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