WannaCry is Childsplay Compared to This

How the stolen NSA cyberweapons are being used for nefarious tasks


Fri, Jun 23rd, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The New York Times has this fascinating piece on how the stolen NSA hacking tools were used by unknowns to penetrate IDT Corporation and steal its data. In the article, IDT's global chief information officer Golan Ben-Oni, warns that the world isn’t ready for cyberattacks of this magnitude.

Both WannaCry and the IDT attack used a hacking tool the agency had code-named EternalBlue. The tool took advantage of unpatched Microsoft servers to automatically spread malware from one server to another, so that within 24 hours North Korea’s hackers had spread their ransomware to more than 200,000 servers around the globe.

The attack on IDT went a step further with another stolen N.S.A. cyberweapon, called DoublePulsar. The N.S.A. used DoublePulsar to penetrate computer systems without tripping security alarms. It allowed N.S.A. spies to inject their tools into the nerve center of a target’s computer system, called the kernel, which manages communications between a computer’s hardware and its software.



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