“Making paper out of stone.”

Limex paper


Sat, Jun 17th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Albeit it sounds like the journey so far has been quite a struggle, Japanese entrepreneur Nobuyoshi Yamasaki is able to make paper out of limestone. The paper equivalent of 20 trees can be made with "less than a ton of limestone, as well as 200 kilograms of polyolefin," and the process requires no water. Reportedly the resulting paper is extremely strong, long lasting, and not susceptible to liquids. Company site here.

Commercial production started in June 2016 at a plant in Miyagi, one of the regions devastated by Japan’s 2011 earthquake. "It’s been nothing but hardship," Yamasaki says. "The plant opened in February 2015 but we didn’t even have business cards to sell until last June. Through that time we’re paying for raw materials, electricity, salaries. But when we first made a business card where the ink didn’t run when touched, everyone was amazed."



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