"The Paris Climate Agreement means almost nothing which is why they were able to get everyone to support it."

We are all fucked


Sat, Jun 10th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Noting that the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement is to get countries in the world "moving in lockstep by the year 2020," change strategist Joe Brewer reminds us that it is just three years from now and unlikely for countries and companies focussed on putting "a price on carbon in the capitalist system" to change anytime soon. Instead of focusing our energies on a losing battle against a global catastrophe that cannot be stopped, Brewer argues in favour of creating "resilient networks of communities," survive the ecological collapse and rebuild a proper society once it is over.

EIt is here that I make the call for a deep and fundamental reframing. Let us no longer work to avoid climate catastrophe. It is too late for that. Instead, let us work to create resilient networks of communities that will be the seedlings of a new spring after a century of deadly winter. We must think like geologists now. Time is large and slow?—?not short and fast. The cultural sickness that created global warming is a cancer that is eating itself. Let us dislodge ourselves from its “growth at all costs” logic and design regenerative cultures everywhere we can to survive the winter with as much collective knowledge and wisdom preserved as we can muster.



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