“There was not only automation but where the suggestion that humans had any control [...] was absent too.”

World not ready for mass unemployed caused by automation


Mon, Mar 20th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Guardian's Greg Jericho asks what will happen when automation raises mass unemployment to 20%. Albeit he presents various options as to what could be done to deal with it, he notes that by not tackling this issue we can expect to see "massive gaps in inequality and a pretty horrific change in the look of our society." In comparison, the 2008 market crash reached a plateau of 10% unemployment.

While watching the latest X-Men movie, Logan, one scene that particularly stood out for me was when the characters drove along a highway featuring driverless trucks. The trucks have no cabins and are essentially just containers on wheels. It was a particularly soulless vision of the future, in which there was not only automation but where the suggestion that humans had any control of say steering wheels or windscreen wipers, was absent too.

The path of automation is of course not sci-fi, but with us right now. And while there is the hope that, as with the industrial revolution, new technology will create many new jobs, the current path appears to be to making jobs redundant and creating new work that is also able to be automated.



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