Giving Mars an Artificial Magnetosphere

NASA suggests creating an artificial magnetic dipole at Mars’ L1 Lagrange Point


Tue, Mar 7th, 2017 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to PHYS, NASA is proposing giving Mars an artificial magnetosphere at the Lagrange Point, effectively protecting it from solar winds. This, in turn, would prevent the loss of atmosphere the red planet has experienced, would allow for it to be re-established, and would better protect its inhabitants.

By their calculations, Green and his colleagues estimated that this could lead to 1/7th of Mars' oceans – the ones that covered it billions of years ago – to be restored. If this is beginning to sound a bit like a lecture on how to terraform Mars, it is probably because these same ideas have been raised by people who advocating that very thing. But in the meantime, these changes would facilitate human exploration between now and mid-century.

"A greatly enhanced Martian atmosphere, in both pressure and temperature, that would be enough to allow significant surface liquid water would also have a number of benefits for science and human exploration in the 2040s and beyond," said Green. "Much like Earth, an enhanced atmosphere would: allow larger landed mass of equipment to the surface, shield against most cosmic and solar particle radiation, extend the ability for oxygen extraction, and provide "open air" greenhouses to exist for plant production, just to name a few."



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