Weird and Wonderful Webfrights on the InterNUT


Mon, Aug 18th, 1997 01:00 by capnasty NEWS

I figured that people reading this newsletter, have a lot of time on their hands. You know, the kind of people that need to get a life. Well while you are waiting to get a life, I thought I would give you some new sites on the InterNut to visit.
This is the perfect site for buying a present for a brat. You know the nephew, grandson that you can't stand.
I know you have been waiting for cows to revolt. Well here it is, the time is now.
For people who can't read to well (namely brand new American Graduates of high school) and learn more from cartoons. (I didn't graduate from high school, so I can read!)
For women, I hope there are a few of you out there. This site is what the True Woman should be! Men, there is still hope out there for you. Someday soon, the True Woman will be back!
This site is my favorite. It concerns the President Clinton Impeachment Site. (yea, team go!)
For all you cyberspace lovers, this is for you. Just think you can now send the love of you life a big kiss. Big lips, small lips, blue lips, red lips, whatever lights your pantyhose!
For the alumni of the Off-centre Detention Home, (and some who are still trapped there) the ongoing recreation of satirical classic Don Quixote. I know this might be completely over your heads. But remember you are starting a new life.
For the man who has always wanted to dig up his backyard, but the little woman wouldn't let him. You can learn how to become "The Backyard Archaeologist". Just think how you can impress your neighbors!!!!
Truly the Internut Shopping Center. The pet collar you have been looking for, Afterglow Pet Collars, now half-life of 20,000 years. Or how about a Smoking Starter's Kit? A hot gift for maturing kids! Just a sample of hard to find gifts, for the person who has everything!
The complete guide for new and used Urban Hunters. This will make the little woman more secure, knowing you now know what and what not to hunt for. Complete instructions for even the drop outs that can't read. Plenty of pictures. Also has some fine links to explore, while you are still trying to find a life.

I hope in my way, that I have bored you to tears. But remember I am just trying in my small way to help you find a new life.

In the future issues of this Nasty Newsletter, if I am permitted, I will try and continue to completely drive you out of what you think is a normal life. Any comments to this column might get answered!



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