"Over the next 20 years, I see automation taking nearly all jobs, and I doubt capitalism will survive that."

The resource-based economy


Tue, Oct 18th, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

With automation taking over all the jobs and capitalism possibly not surviving much longer after that, Motherboard's Zoltan Istvan looks at the work of futurist and architect Jacque Fresco. Fresco, who recently turned 100, perceives a techno-utopia based on a resource-based economy model, where all jobs are automated and where no ownership, no taxes, and no money exist — the latter being the source of all evil.

The resource-based economy goes like this: In the future robots will do all the jobs (including creating new robots and fixing broken one). Now, imagine the world is like a public library, where you can borrow any book you want but never own it. Fresco wants all enterprise like this, whether it’s groceries, new tech, gasoline, or alcohol. He wants everything free and eventually provided to us by robots, software, and automation.

Fresco’s system is indeed beyond capitalism or communism, which he says are economic systems based upon scarcity. Fresco wants a system that is based on abundance. He thinks the world’s resources could provide for humanity many times over—something I also agree with. In fact, my plan for funding a universal basic income partially comes from utilizing America’s untapped government resources; half of the land in our 11 most western states belongs to the government, resulting in trillions of dollars of untapped wealth.



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