“I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw people taking their lives because of this.”

Resignations, divorces and suicides after the Ashley Madison hack


Fri, Mar 4th, 2016 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

On The Guardian, Tom Lamont looks at the aftershock once the Ashley Madison database was hacked and the names of its members made public, some which were those of "politicians, priests, military members, civil servants, celebrities – these and hundreds of other public figures".

A small number of suicides were reported, a priest in Louisiana among them. Speaking to the media after his death, the priest’s wife said he’d found out his name was among those on the list before he killed himself. She said she would have forgiven her husband, and that God would have too. “God’s grace in the midst of shame is the centre of the story for us, not the hack. My husband knew that grace, but somehow forgot that it was his when he took his own life.”



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