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Open source insulin


Sat, Nov 21st, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Biohackers from Counter Culture Labs are working towards creating a generic insulin that is affordable for patients. Their goal is to eventually give patients the ability to make their own drugs at home, without having to rely on expensive medications from the pharmaceutical industry (who I'm sure will do everything in their power to stop this from happening). You can see the project's crowdfunding page here.

Biosimilar drugs are not easy to concoct, Muldavin says, and insulin in particular is a challenge because of its structure. “It’s not as simple as putting the genetic code [in the bacteria] and out pops insulin,” she says. With the money raised in their crowdfunding campaign, the researchers plan to spend the next year figuring out how to make insulin from E. coli and purifying it. Since the resulting insulin probably won’t be pure enough to inject into human patients, so they will check that their insulin would be viable through other tests with antibodies. With the open-sourced insulin protocol, pharmaceutical companies could seek FDA approval to start producing generic insulin.



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