Human Smugglers Are Making Handsome Profits and Are Not Concerned About Safety


Wed, Sep 9th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

With plenty of migrants making their way into Europe, leaving the Union in a crisis as to what to do with them, some argue that "people should have the right to go where they need or want to go"; however, the real issue may be human traffickers more interested in profit than of the migrants' safety, many who die en route.

The political chaos provides fertile soil for the smugglers because they, in contrast to Europe's leaders, have a plan. They transport their clients along three main routes: across the Mediterranean from North Africa to Italy or Spain; across the eastern land-route from Turkey via Bulgaria; and across the Western Balkans from Greece, via Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary. Currently, that route is favored because the borders in Macedonia and Serbia are porous and the officials there overwhelmed. In comparison with the eastern route, it is expensive, but the route across Bulgaria became less attractive after Sofia sent 1,500 police to fortify the border with Turkey. The story of Metodi G. shows how tempting it is for young men to make money out of the chaos that reigns in the Western Balkans.



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