Car Chase Montage


Tue, Jul 28th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Showcasing his mad video editing skills, Filmnørdens Hjørne has put together the The Art of the Car Chase, with clips from recent chases and many from classics of yesteryear. Fun, quick, and testosterone driven.

The car chase montage (or supercut, if you will) is not exactly an original concept, but looking for an editing challenge, this one came up.

Editing a car chase is no doubt hard and difficult work. Editing 50 of them together does make it easier depending on how strict your standards of continuity are. I tried to have "sections" of continuity - little scenes, that tell their own little stories, but don't necessarily fit together as such.

The most time consuming part of the process is no doubt finding and preparing the clips. It is also the most boring part. The fun part is editing them together in new and interesting ways. This is also the most frustrating part, because the possibilities are almost endless and if you're not careful, the project will simply get stuck in the mud, so to speak.

The video ended up sort of making it self. Of course I had an idea as to the structure of it, with the build-up, the chasing and the explosive finale, but everything else just popped up by itself, when trawling through all the different scenes and clips.

The most rewarding result of this edit, was seeing how much difference it makes to edit on the beat of a piece of music as opposed to not. I don't do it all the way through - there are other rythms to follow than the purely musical ones - but it certainly makes a difference.

Hope you enjoy ;)



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