"Boxed-meal companies grapple each other for control of the American dinner plate."

The rise of the meal-kit


Sun, Jul 26th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Although some argue that the hype is caused solely by the amount of funding received by these start-ups, the concept of the Meal Kit is picking up speed. The idea is simple: at a cost slightly higher than if you went grocery shopping yourself — but cheaper than eating out — boxed-meal companies send you a box once a week with groceries and recipes, saving you the trouble of figuring out what to buy and what to make.

Enter the meal kit, our partial solution to getting ourselves fed healthily. Every Sunday, we receive a box full of individually wrapped and labeled ingredients for five dinners complete with detailed—and, fortunately for me, idiot-proof—recipes. Just Add Cooking, the service we use, exclusively serves the Boston area and uses largely local produce; it saves us time planning meals and shopping for groceries, an especially gruesome task during winters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While we do not have much choice over the meals we receive, our box is slowly helping us to acclimate to our kitchen (for purposes other than document storage, that is). Although my mother laments that we are paying far more for each meal than she ever spent on groceries for our family, we’ve calculated that we spend slightly less than we would if we were eating out for those meals.



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