England's Secret Ghost Trains

Not the one Harry Potter takes


Fri, Jul 24th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The BBC brings to attention the ghost trains, limited service trains that run empty servicing closed stations. In some cases, ticket vendors don't even know the trains exist. It turns out there is a financial advantage of running a train at a loss versus the alternative of closing the line. And for the curious, The Ghost Station Hunters provides information on riding these mysterious trains.

That is the crux of why the ghost trains still exist. A more official term is “parliamentary trains”, a name that stems from past years when an Act of Parliament was needed to shut down a line. Many train operators kept running empty trains to avoid the costs and political fallout – and while this law has since changed, the same pressures remain.

Closing down a line is cumbersome. There must first be a transport appraisal analysing the effect of a closure on passengers, the environment and the economy. The proposal is submitted to the Department of Transport and at that point its details must be published in the press, six months ahead of the closure. Then comes a 12-week consultation period, during which time anyone is welcome to protest; public hearings are sometimes held, especially if the closure is controversial. Then, finally, the plans are submitted to the Office of Rail and Road, who decide if the line closes.



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