Free Heating Forever If You Have a Fibre Optic Internet Connection

Data servers as heat radiators


Fri, May 29th, 2015 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

For about $1,000 in installation costs, Dutch company Nerdalize will offers free heating forever. The heaters, which require a "fibre-optic connection" and "an external wall" for venting, are actually servers that produce about 1,000W of heat. Although questions arise about "control over the access network," the driving force behind this idea may be the financial gains of not having a centralised data centre.

In exchange for free heating (after the €400-500 setup cost), Nerdalize uses the network of eRadiators to provide a cloud computing service. Because the company doesn't run a centralised data centre, operating costs are much lower, which means the "cost-per-job [to the customer] is up to 55% lower." The quality-of-service will be be lower than centralised cloud compute, too—Nerdalize won't have any control over the access network (what if the home owner decides to do some torrenting?)—but there are plenty of use cases where cost is more important than latency.



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