India, a Street Photographer's Dream


Mon, Mar 2nd, 2015 11:00 by Leonard Ramos ARTICLE

Going to India is not what I expected… The question I asked myself is "India a developing country, or is it a third world country?" my answer is yes to both.

The India I saw is a country that contradict itself. There is the upper class society that lives side-by-side with the poorest of the poor. Kids the age of 5 years old walking down the street without shoes being passed by well to-do classes of society. Don't get me wrong this happens in New York, London and Toronto but here you can see is every corner in every street, every day.

As a street photographer this is a perfect country to practice my art, but it was hard for me to take the picture! I'm not sure if I'm taking advantage of the people or I'm just being human. So I decided to take the picture and tell the story of the people that makes up this country.

This country has a exceedingly rich in culture with overflowing of smells, sight and sound. It's very rewarding and a challenging place to travel. India will welcome you with open arms with warm people, outgoing and open-hearted in nature; astoundingly vast landscapes that makes each state seems line its own country with historic architecture that brings you back to the British Raj with its palette of glorious colours at every turn.

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