Picobrew Zymatic: Computer-Controlled Home-Brewery

Download and share beer recipes


Tue, Oct 21st, 2014 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Picobrew Zymatic, the brainchild of a former Microsoft employee and a foodie, takes all the hard work out of making great beer at home by removing all the errors and providing a stable environment. Recipes can be shared and downloaded, guaranteeing that the exact same batch of beer is produced, everytime.

At first they tinkered with things like robotic arms and complicated valve systems. Eventually they gave up trying to mechanically add and remove ingredients. Instead they figured out a way to circulate water at different temperatures through the dry ingredients.

To make a batch with a Zymatic, you select a recipe in the browser. Then you measure and pour grain into a plastic tray and the hops into specially designed filter baskets. You then slide them into the machine. A small “Cornelius” keg is filled with water and attached to the machine, which circulates the water back and forth.

About 3 ½ hours later the batch is done. You add yeast to the keg, refrigerate it for a week or so and the beer is ready.



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