The Psychological Roots of Slavery in Corporal Punishment


Fri, Sep 19th, 2014 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

On the New York Tikes, Michael Eric Dyson looks at the use by black families of corporal punishment on children, noting its "psychological roots in slavery".

While 70 percent of Americans approve of corporal punishment, black Americans have a distinct history with the subject. Beating children has been a depressingly familiar habit in black families since our arrival in the New World. As the black psychiatrists William H. Grier and Price M. Cobbs wrote in “Black Rage,” their 1968 examination of psychological black life: “Beating in child-rearing actually has its psychological roots in slavery and even yet black parents will feel that, just as they have suffered beatings as children, so it is right that their children be so treated.”



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