Kwambio Lets Designers Sell Their Products Through 3D Printers

How to monetise in the 3D-printer era


Wed, Sep 10th, 2014 21:39 by capnasty NEWS

Kwambio is a very cool idea: if you own a 3D printer, you can buy a product from a designer and print it yourself. The purchased product can be further modified, with a guarantee that it will work on the most commonly used 3D printers. Best of all, the designer is financially rewarded for his creativity.

There is no doubt, 3D printing is a hot topic. But is has raised something of a problem, something that disappoints those that have bought a 3D printer, and are full of ideas about printing all the products needed for everyday life. What's missing, what was needed from the beginning, is a place where users can choose and modify a design from a library of verified products. Well, it's here now. This new platform is called Kwambio, and it’s a community for people who’d like to create different customizable products (lamps, vases, coat-hangers, etc.) and share them with the world.

Designers can securely sell their original products, without being afraid of piracy. Nobody will have access to their source files. Each product will be carefully verified and tested by the Kwambio team. That means that if you have any of the commonly used 3D printers, you’ll get exactly what you want.



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