Writing Ivy League Admission Essays for Wealthy Chinese

Working as a black market college admissions essay writer


Mon, Sep 1st, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

There is some serious cash to be made by writing Ivy League admission essays for the sons and daughters of wealthy Chinese, most of which "communicate primarily through emojis" but can't "write meaningful sentences."

Once I started ghostwriting essays, I quickly went from making $8.50 an hour as a waitress to making $2,000 in two weeks. In one admissions cycle, I wrote over a hundred essays and earned enough money to pay my bills for the rest of the year, pay off my car loan, and—as a treat for my hardworking hands—receive $150 Japanese manicures on a biweekly basis.

Each ghostwriting session starts with a daylong interview. I pry into every intimate corner of a client’s life: her family history, financial background, and childhood secrets. Then I try to pinpoint one relatable thread of pain or humanity, which I can make the focal point of an essay attached to a larger universal theme, like empathy or humility.



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