Mon, Jul 21st, 1997 03:00 by capnasty NEWS

I'll start this review by saying that if you haven't seen this movie yet, do yourself a favor: don't. Although my girlfriend thought this was a great flick, I personally had to control myself from not having a seizure. If the movie was a subway train, each time the movie hit a slow spot, it felt as if the subway went to a grinding halt. Thank Goodness my body was not thrown against the screen each time, or I think there would have been very little pulp left of me, by the end of the movie.

Starring John Travolta as an hysterical FBI agent, who's life is devoted in catching Nicholas Cage as a bad-ass criminal (Chester Troy) who in an attempt to kill Travolta, managed to shot his son as well. Travolta, of course, got pissed. Chester Troy is captured after an extremely boring shoot out at the airport, and goes into a coma. Everyone is happy, Travolta can finally promise his wife that he will be home, be less of an hysterical dad, and who knows, might even be a chance that she gets lucky.

Suddenly everyone goes "oh no, we've got a bomb!" so what do they do? Since Travolta knows his enemy so well (he has been chasing him for the past 6 years anyway), through the magic of modern science(fiction)they take his face off (get it? Face-off? haha.. whatever), and plaster on the one of Chester Troy. Since everyone thinks that Chester is going to stay in coma, Chester decides to come out of it, puts on Travolta’s face, burns the doctor and the people that knew about the secret operation, and laughs diabolically at Travolta with Chester face in jail.

The rest of the movie is a constant shooting, where a lot of people get wasted, including civilians this time, with some random boring parts where they have to talk about family, a dead little boy and the lame lame lame happy ending.

If you are looking for action, you might find yourself disappointed here, since the movie is interrupted too many times by slow scenes regarding family. The idea of the face being changed is cool, and it’s funny to hear Travolta making fun of his own chin, although you feel sorry for Cage since he has to pretend HE IS Travolta. As of the rest, I don't know what to make of this story. If you'll watch it you'll be rewarded with too many of those jump-fly-sideways and shoot scenes, scenes of a guy coming out of a car in slow motion with his coat moving in the wind, Travolta's inability to act at any speed, long boring scenes dealing with family and of course, scenes of "action" with people shooting at each other. Bring a GameBoy.



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