"It promises to let Google answer questions like an oracle."

Google's bots building largest store of knowledge in human history


Sun, Aug 24th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

As reported by New Scientist, Google is building the Knowledge Vault, an automated data collection system that gathers and merges all kinds of information from the Internet into a "single base of facts about the world, and the people and objects in it." Aside from the benefit of having all humanity's knowledge readily available, this database could also be used by smart artificial assistants to determine what a human is asking of them.

The potential of a machine system that has the whole of human knowledge at its fingertips is huge. One of the first applications will be virtual personal assistants that go way beyond what Siri and Google Now are capable of, says Austin.

"Before this decade is out, we will have a smart priority inbox that will find for us the 10 most important emails we've received and handle the rest without us having to touch them," Austin says. Our virtual assistant will be able to decide what matters and what doesn't.



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