Google Glass Side Effects


Fri, May 23rd, 2014 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

In ComputerWorld, Matt Lake explains why he's returning his Google Glasses back: crooked photos, poor battery life, size, and -- most amusingly -- glassing out

1. Eye contact (or lack thereof)

On the plus side: The Glass screen augments your field of vision with a connected computer experience whenever you glance at the prism over your right eye.

On the other hand: It's impossible to do this and maintain eye contact. And you look cross-eyed.

It's called glassing out. Your eyes roll over to the right to look at the screen, and the rest of the world goes out of focus. People can't make eye contact with you, and if they're versed in popular psychology, they read things into your lack of eye contact.

They see you looking up and to the right and wonder whether it's a sign that you're lying or accessing visually remembered memories -- or that you're just an isolated geek who can't socialize. Either way, it spoils a conversation.



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