Exit Log

Really Fast, Really Short, Really Good SciFi


Mon, May 5th, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

This fabulous short sci-fi movie titled Exit Log features two time travelling astronauts who receive a message from the future warning their past selves of what's about to happen. The story, which wastes no time in setting the plot device, was written by Chris Cornwell.

The award winning short film series returns with Academy Award® Winning Writer Geoffrey Fletcher's new script. One of Five Films based on the same outline script, Exit Log is a stunning sci-fi short set in 2249. Two space engineer's journey through deep space takes a dramatic turn when they discover an emergency message from the past. Can they decipher the message and decide their fate forever?

The Imagination Series is a short film competition that aims to spark people's imagination by offering them the chance to have their own short film made through interpreting a script written by Academy Award® winning screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher. Entries were received from all over the world, a judging panel lead by Geoffrey Fletcher were tasked with selecting the 5 most imaginative films to be premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and online.



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