Walking Backwards Through Tokyo Played in Reverse


Mon, Apr 7th, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

This Is Colossal brings to attention this video starring Ludovic Zuili. The video, which features Ludovic appearing to walk normally while everyone else around him is walking backwards, is nothing more than a preview of a full 9-hours long movie that was actually aired on Slow TV.

The film, to be aired by France 4 on 31 March, is shown back to front so Zuili seems to be walking normally through a world moving back in time. To make his movements seem natural, he took dance classes, Le Monde journalist Veronique Lorelle says on her blog.

Slow TV is a genre of marathon programming in which an ordinary event is filmed, often live, in its entirety. In Norway, more than half the country tuned in to watch a six-day ferry journey through the fjords. A burning log fire and knitting were previous Slow TV subjects.



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