X-II: Bringing Back the Mixtape


Sat, Mar 29th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The X-II is an interesting social experiment by beyond.io: if you're old enough to remember making a mixtape for a friend, X-II works very much the same way: it allows you to share your knowledge of music to those you love but... in a 21st century way.

In X-II (pronounced “twelve”) everything revolves around the special X-II tapes, which remind of old analog cassette tapes. Get hold of one, touch it to your iPhone and discover its content.

X-II is called X-II because of the fact that at any time, a tape contains twelve tracks. These tracks consist of not only a song, but are enhanced by an image and the location where a particular track was added. Once a tape is in your collection, you can listen to its tracks, zoom into a particular one or explore a total overview of the tape.

And ... as a receiver of the tape, you have the chance to also contribute a song and image combination to the tape. Think about this carefully and make your choice count, because you can do this only once before you need to hand it over to someone who you think will make a great contribution to the tape.

After you have passed on the tape, you stay in the loop and can keep track of the journey the tape makes across the world. Every time a new person receives the tape and adds a new track, the oldest of the twelve tracks is dropped. This way, your continuing access to the tape becomes a way to discover music in an ever-changing twelve track playlist.



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