The High Five Camera


Tue, Mar 25th, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

It's surprisingly enjoyable to watch over three minutes of high-fives on footage shot with the High Five Camera, a head-mounted GoPro capable of only capturing the moment an high-five is given. The device was created by the insanely talented Andrew Maxwell-Parish.

The high five. What a wonderful thing. You can give a random high five to a stranger and, more than likely, it will make them feel better. Some of my best high fives were with strangers. My most memorable one happened years ago at 2AM on a bike trail in Minneapolis. Some guy biking the other way stuck his hand out and I reciprocated. Our hands made contact underneath a bridge and the sound reverberation created the greatest sounding high five I have ever heard. Do you remember any handshakes like that? I'm going to doubt it.

And so, I bring you the high five camera. Another ridiculous contraption that will hopefully extend an appreciation of the mighty high five. The quickest and most universal gesture for telling someone, "you are awesome".



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