$25 Smartphone


Mon, Feb 24th, 2014 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to the EE|Times, the world's emerging market for smartphones has been targetted by Mozilla with a $25 smartphone. The phone, manufactured by China's leading mobile chip supplier Spreadtrum Communications, would run Firefox OS. This part is particularly fascinating, explaining the cost of a smartphone:

$25 price tag at retail?
That $25 price tag, predictably, has raised a few eyebrows in the analyst community.

Wayne Lam, senior analyst for consumer and communications at IHS, wonders if $25 is the manufacturing cost. "A smartphone has a cost budget that usually looks like 30% for display and 45% for core electronics and 25%" for things like the battery, camera, and enclosures," he told us.

When we asked about this, Spreadtrum's Jovin made it clear that $25 is the retail price.

Obviously, a critical element of the price is the low memory configuration of the web-based nature of Firefox's OS. Jovin said a Firefox OS-based smartphone needs just half the memory of other smartphone, which typically require 1 Gbit of embedded DRAM and 2 Gbit of extended NAND.



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