Goodbye 'Flappy Bird' And Thanks for All the Taps


Mon, Feb 10th, 2014 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Flappy Bird, the amazingly difficult yet surprisingly terrible Helicopter clone with Super Mario Brother's graphics is no more. According to @zachwill the author has taken the game down.

But don't despair: already a Flappy Bird Typing Tutor has popped up (if you get this to work, please let me know), as well as job offers for Flappy Bird-clone developers, obviously by people eager to ride the $50,000 a day revenue stream now that the official game is gone. From @zachwill's article:

If you think of iTunes as a big hybrid native/web app (which it is), then it’s probably safe to assume JSON/HTML APIs exist for apps and reviews (which there are). I used Charles and wrote a simple Scrapy project to download the 68,000 reviews and user pages.

I was originally planning to focus on the December/January Flappy Bird reviews — I thought it’d be fun to prove that they were most likely bots. After loading the reviews into pandas and playing around with the data, though, it became pretty clear those had little to nothing to do with the success of Flappy Bird.

The bump in reviews on January 9th probably started the snowball effect for Flappy Bird. I’m not exactly sure what influencer or dumb luck helped make that possible, but the 20ish reviews each day at the end of December are a pretty moot point. Diving into the numbers for the past two weeks, I’d be surprised if Dong even remembers that time. He’s seriously been on one hell of a roller coaster ride — and that ended up being much more interesting (at least to me).



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