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Capital of Nasty ("CoN") is a non-commercial non-organization free for use by web users. No registration nor fee is required to use the pages of CoN.

Note: This policy may change from time to time without notice.


We know as much about you as you wish to let us know. Here is, however, what we do know: firstly, the IPs that visit our site. Our server keeps a log of every visitor, including which pages were accessed and when, as well as any information a visiting browser wishes to reveal about itself. The logs eventually rotate, so after about seven days, all that information is gone. We do make pretty traffic graphs with those logs before they disappear, though, and they're very handy for stroking our over-inflated ego.

Comments are forever closed.

Heads up: we do keep a copy of your IP address if you post a comment, though, just in case we need to ban you if you start abusing the commenting system. It has happened. In fact, we've banned most of China and India from even looking at our site, so bad it got.

Secondly, CoN uses cookies. We don't use these for tracking your movements or finding any personal information; however, if you post a comment, the next time you find yourself using the comment field, you'll notice that the "Your Name" field will already be filled with whatever alias you have used last. You did use an alias, right?

The list is forever closed.

Lastly, the e-mail addresses of those that choose to subscribe to our low-traffic mailing-list. Any addresses collected by CoN are used solely to send information, posts or announcements about CoN.

Email and IP addresses are not shared with anyone, any company, any third parties, or any legal entity without proper authority and authorisation.

By Subscribing to the CoN mailing list you agree and understand that you will receive content provided by this site. Some people don't seem to get that.

Offensive Content

The material presented in CoN may not be suitable for everyone: just because we're here, doesn't mean you should be, too. If you are humourless, a special kind of idiot, a feminist that has forgotten what it is like to laugh, or a child, you may be presented with material that is not suitable for you. This may include adult situations, offensive language and personal views. If you are a parent, CoN highly suggests you get involved with your children and ensure that their Internet usage is appropriate.


All the articles on CoN are copyright by their respective authors and are published here thanks to their expressed permission. This is true but for a handful of articles which are republished under fair use. Everything else is Copyright Capital of Nasty.

Except where otherwise indicated, CoN and the Contributors understand that text copies of the articles may be shared as long as no fee is charged or profit is gained from them in any which way, there are no modifications made to the content, and that credit is given to the original authors. If you would like to reprint or republish an individual article from Capital of Nasty, please contact the editors first.

Creative Commons License
The content available on Capital of Nasty Electronic Magazine written by Capital of Nasty's Staff and Contributors is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License. The only article exempt from any previously granted permission to use, reuse, print or reprint, in any form, is Why Guys Don't Call. It's a long story.

External links

Throughout the website, there may be links that take you to sites other than CoN. These links are provided solely for your edification. CoN is not responsible for anything that happens on these sites.

CoN will not be liable under any circumstances for any damages whatsoever, direct or indirect, resulting from any use of this website or any other third party website linked to this website, whether or not CoN has advised you of the possibility of such damages. Much like owning a vehicle, you are ultimately responsible for learning how your computer works and actively keep it safe.

Policy Concerning Message Boards

Comments are forever closed.

Our message boards or comment system (collectively, the message boards) have a very simple rule: don't be a dick.

Despite this simplicity, it is hard for some people to comply. Sometimes, some really stupid stuff is said. This means that by using our site, you are bound to be exposed to content that is offensive, indecent or objectionable. We don't generally castrate the voice of the stupid, unless absolutely necessary, as their words bring a great deal of contrast to those who comment within the borders of reason.


We welcome all kinds of creativity whenever possible, but it does happen from time to time that some of the material submitted can't be run on our site. That's right: even CoN doesn't want you. That should tell you something.

We reject items that are impossible to salvage. This is either from a writing style which borders the literal incomprehensibility or because the material is pretentiously ignorant or, worse, purposely malicious.

Please note that the United States of America's concept of ''freedom of speech'' does not apply to a Canadian based publication. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms grants (2b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; however, these Fundamental Freedoms are (1) subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. There may be a debatable thin line between writing satirical or critical content, versus hateful speech; however, it's a line none-the-less that we are obligated to respect to the best of our abilities.