Kelly Jones

Once upon a time in a land far, far, away (Not really far way, just in another province.) two families from two continents met one fateful night in the New World (Now known as the Americas, Canada to be exact.) fell in love and decided marry and have many, many children. Okay, it was actually only three children. After a small and quaint wedding, their first child was born on a cold November afternoon. She was named after a famous writer, Hans Kelly.Kelly grew up in Montreal with her troll-like father and elves for sisters until one day she decided to venture off toa neighbouring province and live with her queen mother, Elisabeth. Kelly\'s journey to Toronto was difficult asshe left many friends behind and would not be able to delight her palette of bagels, lox, poutine and smoked meatsandwiches. It was especially difficult for her sisters as they will miss her a lot. Nonetheless, Kelly has made a lifefor herself in the Land-of the-Leafs (boy does she miss those Habs) and Tim Hortons. Tim who? Just kidding! Back to thestory... Kelly enjoys her life and leads an active lifestyle. She plays beach volleyball, flag football and swimsregularly. While she isn\'t in school or working, she loves to read, and spend time with her friends listening totheir many adventures of ogres, wizards, prissy princesses and their not-so-white-knights quest for love, romance andintrigue. When Kelly feels the need to be close to her family, she travels back to Montreal to visit with her sisters.

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