Brian Newman

Dear Sir or Madame,

Due to the volume of mail received, it is necessary to respond by this form letter. I hope this answers your questions and I look forward to hearing from you again.

Accordingly I, Brian Newman say to you:

_____?????Thank you for your kind letter.

_____?????Thank you for your misguided letter. You have the right to be heard and I suppose you should receive some credit for being so outspoken. But not from me.

_____?????Thank you, and the same to you. Your comments have been passed on to the proper authorities and I have asked a certain Federal Agency to keep you under close surveillance.

_____?????The information you asked for cannot be revealed at this time.

_____?????I have brown hair, brown eyes and stand six feet tall. I enjoy stamp collecting, chess and opera. My favourite food is yogurt. Also carrots.

_____?????I'm sorry I called you an Ignoramus. That means a 'dummy'.



_____?????Under certain conditions.

Sincerely Yours,
Brian Newman