Curtis M. Carlson

Stories From The Mountain

These are stories, from Curtis M. Carlson, fantastic, ironic and often ponderous, and always entertaining. Some are very true, some are embellished and some are out and out fiction: I probably won't tell you one way or the other. The names may or may not have been changed to protect the innocent and to protect me from the guilty.

Copyright 2005, Curtis M. Carlson, all right reserved. All matter submitted by Curtis M Carlson, is the opinion of Curtis M Carlson, and is not necessarily the viewpoint or opinion of this e-zine or its managers or editors. CM Carlson, or affiliates can not be held responsible for the result of and inappropriate action taken by anyone who may follow any advice given in these stories.

I will not be held responsible for any data, numbers, dates et. al being accurate. Anything mentioned that may be misconstrued as illegal, unethical or immoral is to be considered fiction. All that bathes the writer in a warm glowing light of honesty, integrity, generosity, kindness and intelligence should be assumed to be true, though it may not be.

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