N. SPed

She is a huge fan of cheese for it's diversitility. If you love her, you'll fondue her. She also like chocolate and parle le fran?ais. Alors, she slips dans et out of frenglish, and knows a bit of spranglais tambi?n. No, she's not crazy, unless you want her to be.

And if you want her company, bids starting at $6.17 can be forwarded to her e-mail ([email protected]). She has to wear black. Not because it's her favourite colour. Nor is she a goth. Black does havesome flattering properties, but she doesn't wear it for that reason either. She does so to conform, to make sure she can camoflague herself in the blackness of the black-tiled floor.

One day, she saw a bird and it talked to her. It told her that the cats were on sale. Which made her think that the petshop uses really conniving superliminal messaging. She almost, but never bought a cat.
The End... Or is it. [insert ominous laugh]

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