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The Instagram account @insta_repeat collects identical photos all following the exact same theme by different Instagrammers and puts them all… ]]>
“What can we do to make responsible use of plastic a reality? First: reject the lie.” #Environment “Lifting the electric motors out of Teslas and putting them in the chassis of other, formerly gas guzzling cars.” #Driving “The cost could be so near to zero it will effectively be free.” #Environment “He portrays these abandoned malls as apocalyptic ruins.” #Administrative “Put words between buns.” #Art “Put words between buns.”

Looking like something you'd see on a Burger King logo, the Put Words Between Buns does exactly that. It's the… ]]>
“Rejuvenation is Finally an Industry.” #Health “Tesla Model 3: It’s a giant iPhone.” #Driving “How to inspire people by saying nothing at all.” #Humour “Sub-zero cost of electricity is becoming a reality for hundreds of hours in many markets.” #Environment