CON.CA - RSS Feed interesting en-us CON.CA (C) 37 Million Americans Have Never Been Online #Internet "No one has been able to create a laser that beams white light." #Technology How Drone Delivery Might Look Like #Administrative How Drone Delivery Might Look Like

The Washington Post explains the plan by Amazon to achieve 30 minute deliveries using drones. The proposed plan would have… ]]>
Lightweight, Affordable, Programmable Robotic Arm #Robots Car Chase Montage #Video I'm Talking to You Son #Video Netflix Still Makes Money from DVDs #Companies "Boxed-meal companies grapple each other for control of the American dinner plate." #Food

Although some argue that the hype is caused solely by the amount of funding received by these start-ups, the concept… ]]>
"Google's Dave Vos foresees a day when thousands of drones will routinely ply the skies above cities." #Future England's Secret Ghost Trains #Travel "Do teenagers understand the outdated tech in our icons?" #Data "In many ways, modern cars are computer networks on wheels. " #Driving "It would be quite dangerous for humanity to communicate with a civilization we don’t know anything about." #Space Listening to Music as it Travels Away from Earth #Music Listening to Music as it Travels Away from Earth

Inspired by Contact, the website gives you a chance to travel faster than light and see how far songs… ]]>
The Language With Only 123 Words #Languages