CON.CA - RSS Feed interesting en-us CON.CA (C) “In comparison to the waste produced by every other kind of electricity production, that quantity is close to zero.” #Environment “If I’m upset with Facebook, what’s the equivalent product I can go sign up for?” #Copyright “A man-powered machine that creates scarfs in 5 minutes.” #Art “Research that could engineer dinosaurs back into existence within the next five to 10 years.” #Science “Are the puppets coming for our jobs?” #Technology “A machine meant to hurl rockets into space.” #Space “The only thing worse than assuming that carbon removal will save the day is assuming it will save the day.” #Environment Chinese warehouse organises, packs, and fulfills 200,000 orders a day with four people #Robots Owl Guy #Video 10 Hours of Relaxing Oceanscapes from BBC Earth #Video