CON.CA - RSS Feed interesting en-us CON.CA (C) "Fossil fuel executives want to get a piece of the clean-energy business." #Environment Nerf John Wick #Video "This very internationalism that contributed to the apocalyptic disaster that ended the Bronze Age." #History "Most of what kids currently learn at school will probably be irrelevant by the time they are 40." #Future “There was not only automation but where the suggestion that humans had any control [...] was absent too.” #Workplace Loneliness is Not an Old Friend #Depression Loneliness is Not an Old Friend

Loneliness is not an old friend like depression. Depression is the old friend who you know will never forget to… ]]>
“You can make spaceships much bigger than anything we’ve seen so far in history.” #Space “It's unbelievable how much energy is released.” #Data “One of the major concerns with asteroid mining is, of course, getting to the asteroids.” #Space “That glazed-over look a grandma has at a Vegas slot machine is the same look Facebook chases in its users scrolling the feed.” #Privacy