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Independently from NASA, Kipp Teague has put together this Flickr gallery, a collection of Apollo mission photographs ranging from Apollo… ]]>
"The new cloud of water is enough to supply 28 galaxies with water." #Space "Walk by a policeman, and she will know your name, address, criminal record, and with whom you routinely are seen." #Privacy "The energy that used to go into open classism and racism now goes into disparaging people’s grammar." #Dating Using Micromotors to Combat Ocean Acidification and Global Warming #Environment Robots Can't Assemble IKEA Furniture #Robots AdBlock Sold #Advertising Pigeon as a Service #WTF Pigeon as a Service

Calling itself a service that is "immune to cyber intrusion," the Pigeon start-up lets you submit a letter via browser… ]]>
Volkswagen's Cheating Just the Tip of the Iceberg #Crime "Thinking is the best antidote to boredom." #Opinion "Under the right circumstances, you, too, could fall in love with a toaster." #Robots "Adblockers and bots both rose together as a consequence of the advertising industry’s carelessness and short-sighted greed." #Advertising Virtual Tour of the USS Enterprise Using Unreal Engine 4 #Video How People Lie on Instagram #Photography How People Lie on Instagram

PetaPixel showcases the work of Thailand-based photographer Chompoo Baritone, cleverly showcasing what goes on behind the scenes of a perfectly… ]]>