CON.CA - RSS Feed interesting en-us CON.CA (C) "Either you succeed on your first try, or everyone dies." #Space Full-Auto Crossbow #HowTo Canada's Netflix Tax #Television If NASA Had the Budget of the U.S. Military #Space "People can pay $8,000 to have their veins pumped with blood plasma from teenagers." #Health Building a Smartphone for $50 #Telephone Building a Smartphone for $50

Using open-source software running on Raspbian, with parts easily obtainable on eBay for about $50, you too can build yourself… ]]>
“Salmonella suddenly acquires an insatiable taste for brain tumors.” #Health The Car Wheel Bicycle #HowTo The Car Wheel Bicycle

In this Instructables article, Mr-Mash teaches you welding with a simple 8-step guide on creating a bicycle with car tyres.… ]]>
Review of a World-War-II-Era Breakfast #Food "A way to alter any organism's DNA much like a computer user can edit a Word document." #Health