CON.CA - RSS Feed interesting en-us CON.CA (C) The Value of the Venezuelan Currency Depends All on One Man, in Alabama, Who Works at Home Depot #Money IBM's Watson Saves the Life of Patient by Correctly Indentifying Her Disease #Health The Presence of Drones Becomes an Increasingly Pervasive Reality in the Skies of Tomorrow #Video "Twitter is way more important than you might realize." #Politics "Imagine if you cut a person in half at the waist, the bottom half would grow a new head and the top half would grow new legs." #Health "Just like diseases, the symptoms of aging all have a solution." #Health Diamond Batteries Are Forever #diamondbattery #Technology "Research suggests we aren’t ready to send astronauts to Mars for a visit, much less to live there." #Space "The way you use the phone is a proxy for the way you live." #Money "The very act of creating an environment fit for our survival will transform us into hyper-aware custodians." #TeamELON #Space