Reverberating Across the Divide: Using Digital and Physical Context in Digital Fabrication and Design


Thu, Jan 23rd, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Reverberating Across the Divide is a project by Madeline Gannon who, by "engaging with architecture at its most primitive level," has been able to "blend computational and architectural techniques to make in the transitory spaces between digital and analog, interactive and passive, intuitive and technical, temporal and spatial."

Chronomorphology — like its nineteenth-century counterpart chronophotography — is a composite recording of an object’s movement. Instead of a photograph, however, the recording medium here is a full three-dimensional model of the object — a virtual creature simulated within a digital environment. This virtual creature exists as a 3D printable module; it is constructed as a closed mesh, with a spring skeleton that prevents self-intersections. The composite, chronomorphologic model (of the virtual creature over time) retains these printable properties at each time-step. Therefore, no matter how intricate or complex, the digital geometry will always be exported as a valid, 3D printable mesh.



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