Putting the 'Fun' Back into 'Funeral' With Custom-Made Photoshopped Graves


Tue, Jan 7th, 2014 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Thanks to French-based company Fer-Tombal, shoddy Photoshop skills meet burial arrangements to make dying fun again. When your fallow life-span has reached its ultimate conclusion, your grave can showcase "your dad riding a motorcycle bursting through a wall of flames to you lying naked in bed with light beams shooting out of your boob." Vice magazine interviews the founder, Freddy Pineau, about the idea and its limits, and I particularly liked this part:

What would you say to people who think your creations are tacky and in poor taste?

You have the right not to like our products, but not to criticize them. Having a personalized iron grave that reflects the life of a loved one is first and foremost the decision of the families. So, as a matter of respect for the families, I’d tell those people who are clearly lacking in personality to think before they speak.

Well said.



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