Imminent Death Is the Best Motivator There Is


Fri, Jan 3rd, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

NPR's Daniel Horowitz brings to attention the Tikker, a "wristwatch that counts down your life, so you can watch on a large, dot-matrix display as the seconds you have left on Earth disappear down a black hole." Depressing as this may sound, according to 37-year-old Swedish inventor Fredrik Colting, "he invented the gadget not as a morbid novelty item, but in an earnest attempt to change his own thinking."

He wanted some sort of reminder to not sweat the small stuff and reach for what matters. Colting, a former gravedigger, figured imminent death was the best motivator there is. That's why he calls Tikker "the happiness watch." It's his belief that watching your life slip away will remind you to savor life while you have it.

And, it turns out, there is some evidence for his point of view. A showed that thinking about death makes you savor life more. And a 2011 study has shown that , more likely to donate your blood.



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